Right, so, I really took this and ran the mile with it. I get so easily carried away with things, and this was a lot harder and a lot more interesting than I originally thought it would be.


おばあさん (Father's side, unmarried, no children): Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing (Hellsing)
Reasoning: So, she's a fanatic religious prick who often gets mistaken as a man because she's knighted. She also leads a rather interesting organization out to destroy all supernatural creatures. But she has control over Alucard, and to have him as a dark guardian angel, well, that's worth the strange relationship. Plus, she has money, and could instill a good, strong sense of discipline and order that this family... lacks.

おばあさん(Mother's side): San (Mononoke-Hime)
Reasoning: When dealing with anime, you often run across the proclaimed 'fated couple', that are doomed in some form or another. San's stuck with her forest and her animals, and Ashitaka has the humans and the iron works to look after, but they're still madly in love. Nevermind that San's idea of fun is riding her step-brothers around the forest hunting and terrorizing the humans - of course, when your step-mother's a wolf goddess and your brothers are larger than oxen, you might get that. San has a strong personality and a great streak of loyalty to her ancestors and her forest. She understands things that the modern world tends to take for granted, and she would be an awesome person to go spend a week with during break. I wanna ride the giant wolfie down the mountain!

おじいさん (Mother's side): Ashitaka (Mononoke-Hime)
Reasoning: Strong-willed, charismatic, and deeply compassionate, Ashitaka's largest fault is trusting in the better nature of everyone despite his intimate knowledge of the darker side of humanity. He'd raise a family with a strong sense of morals, values, and the understanding that right and wrong is often grey.

父: Tatsuo Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)
Runner-up: Bardock (DBZ) He was pretty much my only next choice. Really. But having a strict father that could see the future could have its advantages, right? I mean, he did kinda try to save the planet (failed, but... credit for trying?). And - he's a scientist! (*laughs for all the silliness there*)
Reasoning: Well, he takes good care (mostly) of his two daughters (so one of them runs off into the forest to be taken up by spirits - it all turns out to be good!). He cooks, he cleans, he works, he puts firewood in for the baths - sounds great to me. And he has good taste in houses. Beyond that, he cares deeply for his family and tries his best to keep everyone happy in what isn't the best situation.

母: Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle)
Runner-up: Wolf Goddess Moro (Mononoke-Hime) So, she's not human. But she's strong-willed and protective, especially of her human daughter. And she really is a great philospher. Well, she came in as great-grandmother, so that works.
Reasoning: Sophie finds the best in everyone and somehow brings that out. On top of that, she's a very persistant woman who expects a lot from those around her. She can keep house very well, and isn't a push-over when it comes to household chores and rules. At the same time, she's a gentle woman who would make a wondergul mother.

Step-Uncle Twice Removed: Nii Jienyi (Saiyuki)
Reasoning: So, every family has that black sheep that they don't like talking about. At least this black sheep is the kid who graduated with a PhD before he was seventeen, and grew up to be a twisted little freak with a stuffed bunny fetish and a coffee dependence. He's a genius though. My laptop problems would be no more! Presuming he didn't decide to use it to hack into the government network and launch nuclear warheads at random places across the globe to see how politics would react. Okay, so the whole 'capture random people for experiments' isn't good either, and neither is the 'pose as a therapist to run manipulation experiments'. Well, he is twice-removed. But he's a Buddhist monk and I could sit down over tea and coffee and have a very in-depth discussion about the human mind and its workings. Or the demon mind, I suppose, whichever suited our fancy.

あに: Hakkai (Saiyuki)
Reasoning: He cooks, he cleans, he's polite, he has an awesome pet that turns into a Jeep, he teaches, he's smart, he's patient - and he really likes looking after others. All fantastic factors. Ignoring the fact that he has a twin sister complex, a blood complex, a rain complex, and a, erm, certain water sprite 'complex'. Hakkai puts others before himself, sometimes to his own detriment, but he would definitely be someone to confide in and go to if there's ever any problem. Though hopefully said problem wouldn't lead him on a 1,000 demon killing spree...

Older Brother-in-Law: Gojyo (Saiyuki)
Reasoning: Gojyo and Hakkai are pretty much canon, and really, I'd love the water sprite as a brother. He may seem brash, arrogant, and he certainly smokes like a chimney and talks like a trashcan, but he does have good advice and a strong brotherly streak in him. Besides, Hakkai made him stop using beer cans as ash trays. And I'm sure Sophie wouldn't let him smoke in the house.

いもうと: Mikoto Minagi (Mai-HiME)
Under most situations, Mikoto is a rambunctious, hungry-driven teenager that is also attention-seeking like Toboe. The two of them would probably get into more trouble and back out of it just by being cute. Unlike Toboe, however, Mikoto can certainly take care of herself. She has a very strong over-protective streak in her, which seems to rather run in the family at this point, but would much rather continue to be the innocent little girl she really is.

おとうと: Toboe (Wolf's Rain)
Reasoning: So, he's a wolf. But he's cute and caring! He's a little whiny, and he needs a lot of attention, but he also has his strong points. Plus, he can totally chase those crows away from the trash cans you're trying to eat out of. After a few tries. Maybe. But, to be more serious, Toboe is a very compassionate young man, if a little shy and socially inept. He'd be one to roll around in the mud with (probably literally) and certainly would need to be comforted because he's the type to get teased, but who wouldn't want a little brother like him? Even Tsume likes him.


I guess it's easy to see that there are a few traits I really like in people, but that might be amplified simply by the fact that there are so many characters that I wouldn't want related to me in a million years, but that I love anyways.





クリスマスに「Outlaw Star」がありました。アニメですよ。つぎのポストに、「Outlaw Star」をはなします。


Out of Date

えと。。。私のブログはとても「out of date」ですよね。だから、今しゅうまつは「up-date」をします!

Stay tuned!

A Kappa Explanation

I'm sure by now some people are confused as to the images I've chosen and the video clip below. The clip below, in case you can't read the rather blurred kanji, is from the anime Gensomaden Saiyuki by Kazuya Minekura. The opening isn't as full of pretty fluorishes and whatnot like the actual episodes are.

Why am I explaining this, you may ask. Well, it all has to do with the kappa nickname that I tend to use - in case you didn't figure the kappa part out by now from the signature on the left. Kappa was the term incorrectly assigned to the Saiyuki character in the original Journey to the West series, Sha Gojyo. Gojyo was a sand demon in the original Buddhist myth about a Sanzo priest traveling to India to meet the Buddha. A kappa, however, is a water demon whose favorite food is cucmbers and who carry water dishes on their heads. This is not Minekura's Gojyo, either.

Still lost? That's good - I'm not there yet. In Kazuya Minekura's version, which is far more of an action and personal discovery piece where the four main characters (five if you count Hakuryuu the dragon who can turn into a Jeep) are trying to prevent Gyumaoh, the Demon King, from being reborn, than a religious treatise (though there are a lot of philosophical aspects and debates buried within it), Sha Gojyo is actually half kappa. You can tell he's not human or demon from his red hair and red eyes. I bet now you know who he is in the clip below.

I got the nickname Kappa from Minekura-san's Gensomaden Saiyuki series, prescribed by a group of friends that seems to perpetuate it regardless of who I'm around - it's actually migrated with me past highschool. Gojyo's personality has some rugged edges, though he's really a big brother type beyond that. He's also the fair bit of a romantic, once you get past the playboy aspect. While there are plenty of differences between myself and Gojyo (mainly the whole he's a guy and I'm not aspect), the name persists.

So, longer than anyone cares, this is your kappa signing off.

Gensomaden Saiyuki